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VYV Water Sport Pitcher. Optimize your workout and daily life!

VYV Water performs like a sports drink but without the sugar, calories or additives. Our rapid hydrating formula is non-bloating and enhanced with electrolytes, allowing you to train harder and longer. VYVwater's optimal pH properties combat lactic acid build up which means faster recovery times, reduced cramping, and better overall performance. VYV Water contains large amounts of molecular hydrogen (H2), whose effects on health are portrayed as one of the most important new discoveries in a long time.

Drink Perform, VYVwater.



Drink Alkaline Water

Alkaline healthy water is from nature.

Rain falls and seeps through layers of soil, rock and sediment. In specifik locations some layers contributes with naturally occurring mineral that increases the pH and - if the mineral are the right minerals - infuses vital molecular hydrogen in the water. Read more...

Boost your expensive supplements

Get the most out of your diet and supplements

Water is the delivery system for each of the nutrients we consume. Each of our biological, electrical, and chemical processes in the body is by means of water. Read more...


A New Start

Weight Loss and get started with training?

A new start in life can be a lot. Start exercising, eating healthier or lose a few pounds. Fat binds acid protection for the body. If we create an alkaline body environment, the body can neutralize excess acid and dropping the body fat with weight loss as a result. Read more..